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Amanda S said:


Took our boat in to Bill's Marine, told them we took on water in our inboard engine and we needed to know why, the tech tried to scare us and tell us about how we probably cracked the manifold and we may need a new engine because we didnt winterize the boat, should have told me to leave imediately! Two days later they call and said the frezee plugs had cracked and they recommended tune up, we agreed. So a few days later we get the call and they say boats done and running great! Two weekends later we take it out on the water and get down the river, the boat would not go over 2,000 rpm and it would start to bog out and want to shut off! So we take it back to them and they say well we fixed the problem and it ran fine on the water hose,..I told them we took on a lot of water, wouldnt you want to run it to maybe see if water got into the gas or the carborator?? They said well that would have been additional charges for us to do so...wth??? Dont tell me my boat runs fine and then I get out on a 3 day weekend and it is not!!!